Option 1 - What to expect on this Trike Adventure

Starts with Nuns Valley view point

View point of Nuns ValleyThe “Nuns Valley” is a small village situated in the crater of an extinct volcano, which is the latest theory, or, as many still believe. Nestling between almost perpendicular mountains in the heart of the island. Eira do Serrado, is a viewpoint located 1094 metres above the parish of Curral das Freira (Valley of the Nuns) which will leave you with unforgettable memories of the breathtaking views.

This is a famous place with an interesting history.  You’ll be amazed by the rugged peaks that surround it.

We then proceeded to take a drive into  the picturesque village of Curral das Freiras (Nuns Valley)

which  is situated in a deep valley, encircled by steep mountain slopes., which resembles the crater of a volcano. This allows for a different view creating  a different perspective of the Valley.  This is one of the few places on the island that is not visible from the sea.

Additional Info Specific to this Tour

  • This experience requires good weather
  • Not wheelchair accessible

Option 2 - What to expect on this Trike Adventure

Starts with Cristo Rei (Christ the King statue)

The statue of Christ the King of Garajau was erected in honour of the Sagrado Coração de Jesus. It can be found at the viewpoint overlooking Ponta do Garajau, in the municipality of Santa Cruz. 

The statue of Christ the King of Garajau was designed by the French sculptor Georges Serraz. It is a very imposing sculpture of Jesus Christ with his arms open and facing the Atlantic Ocean.  It simulates the very famous Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil, it is just not as high.

You have a lovely view of Funchal, particularly the Port of Funchal. This viewpoint is used by many people to watch the Fireworks Display on New Years Eve

This is about a 30 minute drive from Funchal. We ride along the coastal road, where you will be blown away by the breathtaking ocean views from the cliffs, surrounded by the serenity of this magnificent  paradise. There are many opportunities along the way to capture unforgettable photos. Once we arrive at Cristo Rei, The coastline views are magnificent, with an impressive view into the Port of  Funchal and glorious view of the  Garajau beach.  After being absorbed in the peace and tranquillity of your surroundings and the breathtaking views, we will make our way back to Funchal, we will drop you off at the same location you were picked up from.

Should you wish to go down to the Garajau Beach, cable cars are available to take you down.  This beach is well known for its calm and clear waters and is located in the Garajau Partial Natural Reserve.  There are various support facilities, such as toilets, changing rooms and a pleasant restaurant,  where you are able to enjoy a meal.  This part of the tour would need to be customised and would need more than 2 hours.  Kindly chat to us for your tour customisation.

We then make our way to the infamous fishing Village - Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos (The fishing Village)  – Translated to English means Chamber of sea lions and is located on the south-eastern side of Madeira. Câmara de Lobos is home to a critical historical legacy. In addition to its monuments and stunning Atlantic landscapes, the municipality stands out for its centuries-old fishing tradition.  It was built around a long natural harbour which is created by the black basalt rock that contrasts magnificently with the turquoise waters.

Enjoying a Poncho

Poncha is a traditional alcoholic drink from the island of Madeira, made with aguardente de cana (distilled alcohol made from sugar cane juice), honey, sugar, and either orange juice or lemon juice.

Poncha is said to have its creation attributed to the fishermen of Câmara de Lobos who consumed it before setting out to work as a preventive measure against the flu and other illnesses.

Option 3 - What to expect on this Trike Adventure

We travel along the South West Coast of Madeira

We  travel along the South West Coast of Madeira towards  Cabo Girão which is approximately a 30min drive from Funchal.  Along the way we can stop for a great wine  tasting experience,  which is complimentary.  You will encounter impressive views of Funchal and surrounding areas,  as we drive toward  Câmara de Lobos.  We will always make time to stop and capture these unforgettable memories and consequential experiences.  We  ride through some tunnels and get acquainted with  a very popular waterfall called Cascata dos Anjos, which is located in the civil parish of Anjos, a municipality of Ponta do Sol. The waterfall cascades over the rockface onto the old regional roadway, and spills into the sea below. A true hidden treasure of Madeira.  Why not bring your swimsuit along and refresh yourself.

Cascata dos Anjos

Wine Tasting